decking materials that can be recycled

how can i prepare my computer for recycling?

i have an old windows xp laptop that's been replaced and i want to recycle it. i've heard some general stories about cleaning off the hard drive, but i don't really know how to do that.

machines eyeball trash for single-stream recycling

recycling a product for a second or third or fourth life means less energy is used to extract and process virgin materials and helps save natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals

top list of materials that are recyclable deals at mysimon

list of materials that are recyclable sciencing. recycling can seem like an overwhelming chore. but with a few helpful pointers and tips, saving resources like paper, metal, plastic, glass, and other recyclable materials can be as easy as taking

recycling after china's plastic ban: american cities face

many parts of the midwest often recycle materials locally. they're still doing that, even though they can't sell the scrap products for any more. they're still doing that, even though they can't

the recycled plastic filament that could set a new

most material comes on a giant plastic spool, that is often just tossed in the trash can because it can't be recycled in a typical home or office, creating additional waste.

microsoft vs. google: who's greener?

microsoft's silicon valley campus, built in 1999, features dimmable and motion sensor-based lighting, carpets and doors that are made from recycled material which can be recycled again , and

nokia kiosks collect phones for recycling

materials such as cobalt, nickel, copper, iron, aluminum, plastics, and even gold can be recovered. it can be reused to help make new products such as steel and other metal products, plastic cones

what shouldn't you recycle?

junk items auto transfer when you hold square. food items can be recycled, but unless you really need organic materials just save them. spare weapons can be recycled, but dismantling for spare parts is probably the better option, unless your playing alien/no powers only.

ford practices reduce, reuse, recycle by turning carpet

in effort to step up its commitment to use more sustainable materials in its vehicles, ford announced it saved more than 4.1 million pounds of carpet from landfills last year by using the recycled

recycle your old phone, laptop, tv and batteries

call2recycle can refurbish the device for resale or recycle the materials for a new device. if you look hard enough, you can even get paid for recycling your phone.

17 amazing things made out of paper pictures

once the fluid penetrates all the folds, a doctor can open it up and see a panel of possible diagnoses or telltale chemicals. its the brainchild of chemists at the university of texas at austin.

eco-friendly july 4th party supplies

these paper stars are made from 100 percent all natural paper, and can be recycled when the holiday is over. buy now keep reading: visit our 4th of july headquarters for more fab and festive ideas.

e-waste: what happens with your outdated or broken gadgets

these discarded electronics often end up in landfills or are incinerated, which can cause major environmental problems, as they are made up of extremely hazardous materials such as lead, mercury