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fast erection, fine architectural finish are well known. the possibilities for its use are limited only be its size and weight when transporting and installing it. recently, however, a new type of precast concrete that minimizes the burden has been added to the designers toolbox. lightweight precast wall systems, integrating

precast concrete systems gate precast concrete

the decision to utilize gate's architectural precast high performance wall system was the solution to maintaining the design goals and the budget. st. joseph regional medical . cityplace uptown station. this unique trolley turntable accommodates the use of unidirectional trolleys and is a focal point for the junction between two city streets.

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architectural cladding pages 8 9 up to 50% lighter; enables reduced superstructure and foundation integral insulation for improved r-value virtually unlimited aesthetic options carboncast enclosure systems use advanced technology to improve precast concrete by integrating ultra-strong, non- corrosive c-grid into the wall

precast concrete retaining wall systems aftec, llc

types of retaining walls. aftec specializes in the building of precast retaining walls with architectural designs on the visible side of the wall. aftecs precast industrial retaining walls are usually used to retain small to medium heights up to 12 ft. of earth from one level to another.

g/c pci: architectural precast concrete

precast concrete is not only compatible with all structural systems, it can be designed to harmonize with, and complement, all other materials. architectural precast concrete combines maximum freedom of architectural expression with the economy of mass production of repetitive precast concrete elements.

architectural precast concrete

architectural precast concrete - perfect barrier drained joint systems perfect barrier systems stop all water penetration at a single plane. such perfect control requires the advent of modern materials. because it is difficult to build and maintain a perfect barrier with many materials, it is common to recommend the use of drained walls.


glass fiber reinforced concrete gfrc is a thin-shell system where the exterior wythe of concrete contains alkali-resistant glass fibers that is normally sprayed into forms. the fibers increase tensile, flexural and impact strengths. both thin-shell systems reduce the weight of the panels relative to other precast wall systems.

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connection details that are commonly used with architectural precast concrete. precast panel types for building envelopes there are generally three types of precast panels used as part of building envelopes: cladding or curtain walls; load-bearing wall units; and shear walls. precast cladding or curtain walls are the most commonly used

precast concrete wall systems

most typically the precast concrete wall system must resist lateral loads directly imparted on it, such as from wind and earthquake; as well as vertical loads resulting from the self weight of the precast wall system. these loads must be transmitted through the wall system and secondary structural elements to the building's structure.

building enclosure design

precast wall systems, are barrier or face-sealed systems. unlike rainscreen systems, precast concrete does not require a cavity where moisture collects and other problems can occur. the resources below will help you better understand and design precast concrete building enclosure systems.

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kerkstra precast specializes in structural and architectural precast for countless building types as well as infrastructure. the unique architectural design and versatility make precast the choice for commercial, industial and residential structures.

architectural precast

architectural wall panels architectural precast is a flexible option for exterior cladding. durable and versatile, architectural precast wall panels may be load bearing or non-load bearing and are capable of many different color, shape, and texture combinations including brick and stone.

precast concrete wall panels

spancrete wall panel systems are engineered for both structural integrity and architectural beauty. durable. spancrete wall panels can be installed vertically or horizontally for shear walls, load bearing, non-load bearing, insulated or non-insulated, interior or exterior walls. they can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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aps is a manufacturer of architectural and structural precast concrete products. the strength of aps is in the experience and qualifications of its management and employees, its high technology plant, and superior quality control. join our team. read more about aps. see aps's projects


brick and tile veneer lightweight composite architectural precast concrete panels thinshell thin brick and tile that is bonded to lightweight composite architectural precast concrete panels. versashell - gfrc rainscreen panel system. gfrc elements that are installed over a barrier wall to provide a rainscreen wall system. handset natural stone

uwall systems

uwall is the first new precast concrete retaining wall solution in almost 20 years. learn more about this time, and money, saving product. engineered interlocking precast concrete retaining wall system - uwall systems


slenderwall architectural cladding panels. slenderwall is a high performance, thermal and fire code compliant, astm e119 fire tested, architectural precast composite cladding system. reduce structural costs and on-site trades with the only envelope system that combines the proven technologies: architectural precast concrete, pva fiber and

architectural precast concrete panels

architectural precast concrete panels by metal stud crete are lighter weight and greener when fabricated with recycled steel and locally extracted materials on site, or in a precast concrete panel plant close to your project. this time-saving architectural concrete wall construction process can be specified in any concrete color or texture.

architectural precast

architectural precast architects love to design buildings with design elements such as precast concrete window panels and sills, beams, wall panel details, decorative concrete blocks, precast concrete moldings, walls, wall systems, and retaining walls.

slenderwall precast concrete cladding panels

slenderwalls precast concrete cladding panels are the industrys only wall system that incorporates the proven technologies of architectural precast concrete, high-tech pva fiber and welded-wire reinforcement, stainless steel anchors and integral interior heavy gauge galvanized steel or stainless steel studs.

precast insulated wall panels: get the whole package

/ precast insulated wall panels: get the whole package december 21, 2012 15 comments offering design flexibility with rapid installation, precast concrete sandwich wall panels deliver a complete energy-efficient building envelope, including exterior membrane, moisture barrier, insulation and interior finish.

lightweight precast building envelopes maximize performance

new wall systems include 2-inch concrete enclosures developed to match traditional as well as modern aesthetics. they can weigh up to 60 percent less than traditional precast wall systems. these concrete precast walls are modularized to include the facade, moisture/air barriers, insulation, and, in some examples, windows and interior framing.


innovative carboncast technology uses carbon fiber grid to create precast elements that are more resilient, more sustainable and more versatile than conventional precast or competing systems.

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stonecast products is a premier provider of superior architectural and structural precast concrete wall panels and custom cast stone profiles. known for unsurpassed quality, stonecast serves the industry using a wet cast process and utilizes the proven hk composites system for creating composite and non-composite sandwich precast wall panels.

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precast concrete walls. these wall panel systems feature solid precast walls in typical thickness of 6' or greater may be loadbearing or non-loadbearing. reveals, articulation, decorative accents, and mix design s are available to meet design requirements.-precast advantages-precast concrete projects . our wall panel systems provide peak