composite slip over posts in a chain link fence

silent hill 3

continue to run to the left, past a ticket booth on your right and on either side of a short railing, until you hit the chain-link fence, then press the 'l1' and 'r1' buttons at the same time to perform a quick turn around. the double head and possibly one of the pendulums should have followed you. you only need enough ammo to finish off these last three enemies, as you won't meet any more in


activate it and zoe will be able to get in. turn around and jump over the collapsed section of fence to the road. go through the gate and resume following zoe to the chem-o plant. there is a sizable group of townies standing inside the entrance to the plant, but zoe provides as a

the legend of zelda: twilight princess

the chain is severed, and link is free to move around his cell. after this, the imp warps herself out of the cell and tells link that she'll help him out of here if he can reach her. needless to say, you're going to have to find an alternate exit, since the cell door isn't going to open. all you can really do as a wolf is dig, dash and attack. there's a soft spot of dirt in your cell, but that

darth maul vs spider-man

chain charged, its weapon whirling over its head like the propeller of a gyrocraft. the heavy links lashed toward him. maul spun on his right foot and shot his left leg out in a powerful side kick


jump off of the boulder, then make a big leap over the fence to return to the lower level. go back to the origin mirror down here and save if you desire. just southwest of the origin mirror is a devil gate with some dead fish and a bud ogre inside. kill them and feed the tigers that appear a bit north. run southwest from the tigers, back towards the main path, to find a rather friendly dog

kov round 3: eclipse vs. longshot

it was built like stadium, and in the center was a giant chain link dome on a platform. this was the arena. they'd brought longshot to a massive futuristic prison to fight in there. it seemed like

rose wilson: the ravager

instead, she lurches the bike to the side, crashing through a chain link fence on the side of the street, rumbling over loose gravel and rocks, and then hitting a small bump on the ground that

the final hour rpg

the rhythmic melodies of the choir echoed throughout its illustrious halls casting a peaceful atmosphere upon the world famous church. but underneath the veil of tranquility and religious harmony

battlefield: bad company

make it up the north side of the base and fire through the chain link fence after you knife it down for a better shot. mop up the rest and move toward the smoke. * regroup at the smoke * * objective completed * --- s3.2 section 2 => cover your tracks objective: destroy the south antenna box --- well, seeing as your all going to be court marshaled when you get back. you might as well go for

resident evil: director's cut

it stabs one gigantic claw through the ceiling over and over, seeking the passengers. ada fires at the hand, blowing off one of the fingers. the monster retreats. the two slip out of the tram and make for the train platform. claire sets sherry on a cot in the security office. she gives sherry her vest to keep her warm. the girl stirs, and lets claire know that she trusts her and depends on her

the ravager

instead, she lurched the bike to the side, crashing through a chain link fence on the side of the street, rumbling over loose gravel and rocks, and then hitting a small bump on the ground that

final fight guy

the only way to avoid this oncoming obstacle is to smash the barrels with your fists or jump over them. about 5-6 street chain thugs will start doing aerial maneuvers. focus on the weaker opponents, and work your way up. move right. - you'll be inside an abandoned bathroom area. some generic thugs including some speedsters will charge at you. jump kick the speedsters, and focus on eliminating

silent hill 2: director's cut

turn around and head back to katz st., stay to the right on the way back and pick up the hd near the chain link fence and car. by now you should have at most 2 hds. turn right on katz; continue west till you get to the apartment complex. i tend to stay to the right of the middle of the street. once you pass the 2nd set of vehicles, start moving over to the chain link fence, run along it till

batman: arkham city

there will be some lines of inmates on your right, separated by chain link fences. the lines are marked on the ground. you want line a. well, you don't really want it, but we have no choice. step forward and have a nice chat with one inmate, before walking forward. you'll meet up with the creeper err, i mean jack ryder. the nervous media man will run forward when the doors open and will

the legend of zelda: twilight princess

once link snaps out of it, head on over to floating island and talk to fyer he's the clown-like fellow with the gut . pay him 10 rupees to launch you out of lake hylia for now. <3heart piece <3 when you land from getting launched, head inside the nearby building and talk to falbi, the puffy-panted clown up here. pay him 20 rupees to play his game. grab a chicken and use it to glide down to