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to keep the patio from being invaded by weeds, use commercial-grade landscape fabric image 1 . the addition of this material is vital for three reasons: to keep weeds from growing up through the pavers, to prevent the pavers from sagging and becoming uneven and to reinforce the area beneath the pavers with its built-in layer of sand and gravel while still allowing water to flow through the

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patio with brick pinwheel pattern and a dining table set along with two lounge seats. brick patio pattern combo whorled and pinwheel floors. theres a pathway leading to the lawn area along with lounging space on the side. large covered patio with enchanting sofa set with cushion seats and foam backrests along with a fireplace.

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install a flexible edging of metal, plastic or wood bender board around the perimeter of the patio. use wood stakes to hold the edging tightly against the cut edge of the patio area by pounding a stake into the ground every 12 inches. while the edging may extend 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the surrounding grass or soil, pound the stakes 1/2 inch

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building a patio on grass is a good way to build an inexpensive patio in an out-of-the-way nook of your backyard that may help you take advantage of shade or a special view. be sure to build the patio large enough to accommodate any lawn furniture you plan to set on it.

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home-dzine offers ideas and inspiration to design and landscape a garden, build or decorate a patio or entertainment area, with plenty of garden crafts and diy project ideas.

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it's possible to lay patio pavers directly on grass without digging, but you likely wont be happy with the results. for a longer-lasting, more attractive patio or walkway, take the time to dig

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the continent of africa is rich with natural splendor and scenic wonder. creating an african grassland diorama as a classroom project is a dynamic way to research and explore the makeup and history of these lands. the african continent is populated by spling plains roaming with thousands of

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build a patio with composite pavers in an interlocking grid system. julie quigley wanted a large backyard patio with the look of traditional pavers. her house had a small concrete patio, and the plan was to cover it in pavers and extend the new surface for a larger overall patio area. the job site

build patio on grass with plastic wood

how to build a deck over a concrete patio the family handyman build a flagstone and stone block patio how to build a patio with ceramic tile decking ranges from about $1.50 per sq. ft. for treated wood to more than $10 per . plastic shims 3/16-in. masonry drill bits minimum drilling depth of 3-1/2 in. .

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a patio grass box -- a cross between a sandbox, raised garden box and grass lawn -- can serve different purposes. for dog owners without a yard, a grass box is a canine litter box of sorts.

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decking boards are well suited to building lawn furniture. image: yellow maple leaves image by horticulture from decking boards are an ideal choice for building lawn furniture because they are made to withstand the outdoors. these boards can be made from natural wood, composite, plastic or aluminum.

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we are going to show you how to create a stylish yet simple diy patio lounge chair made from wood.this fun and easy project will cost you around $50 dollars and should take you approximately 3 hours from start to finish.

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i'm moving into a house with a concrete slab patio and a roof deck. no grass, no dirt is there a way to build a gravel dog potty area that won't be. planting grass on concrete part 1 small grass planter for the daisy dogs cow grazing needs. diy: grass over concrete good idea for dog owners

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the use of high technology, the use of waste plastic and plant st, through high-temperature compressed into wood composite, is a typical environmentally friendly products. 2.

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the last place anyone would think to put grass would be the roof, right? what about grass on your deck or patio or even around your pool? synlawn transforms these areas into beautiful outdoor living areas to enhance your quality of life by creating more usable and functional spaces.

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elements for great patio design. south africans have warm, wonderful weather for most of the year and its one of the reasons why we spend the spring and summer months outdoors. a garden, whether small or large, can be designed to accommodate a patio area or garden room - that becomes a personal sanctuary and an extension of indoor living

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here at littlethings we see a lot of pallet diy projects. some are simple but fascinating, like a smart little wine rack. while others highlight the ingenuity of using the materials that you have

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and its an excellent introduction to working with finished concrete. follow the plans for a complete how to for building this table, including how to make table legs from wood. the longest part of forming a concrete top is building the form. but once youve mastered that skill the rest moves along easily.

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i think its about as close to perfect as you can get: its comfortable to sit in for hours at a time, the arms are wide enough to hold a drink, and youre reclined enough for relaxation, but not so much that youll groan every time you get up unlike with most adirondack chairs .

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when planning the location for your patio, consider sight lines from windows and doors and how your project will affect them. before you buy materials or begin work on a paver patio design, check local building codes and your homeowner's association regulations to see if there are any restrictions or requirements you need to follow.