custom pvc handrail for sri lanka

the billion-dollar industry of border security

tomdispatch william 'drew' dodds, the salesperson for strongwatch, a tucson-based company, is at the top of his game when he describes developments on the southern border of the united states in

profits trump jobs in u.s., unlike other nations

a plastic part that once had to be made by six workers now needs three. it can be produced faster. it can be produced faster. 'so even as demand came back, we could wait to add people,' connors says.

brickcon ds lego devotees to seattle

in one corner of the exhibition hall, hands sift through bins searching for rare pieces missing from vast collections. in another area, a giant lego person rides in circles atop a brick rendition

harvesting halloween's roots

oct. 31 a religious holiday? try telling that to a sticky-fingered kid rummaging through a plastic pumpkin of halloween loot. like many american holidays, halloween has religious roots that have

turn rooms into 'eco-chic' shangri-las

natural horizons is a leading maker of custom blinds for homes and offers a line of eco-friendly blinds that can be custom-made to fit your windows. these blinds come in a variety of colors

holiday gifts that don't fit the mold

overall size is 14 1/2 x 25', made of 600-denier polyester with pvc backing, clear pvc sleeves to protect photos. wipes clean with a damp cloth. customized message up to 14 letters/spaces per line

girls give their 'locks of love'

clean, dry, and placed in a plastic bag 'hair is the number one concern of teen-age girls,' says atoosa rubenstein. she should know; she is editor of cosmo girl magazine.

tossing is key to clutter-free closets

correspondent jonathan vigliotti joined dykstra as they went swimming with whales in the waters off sri lanka. 13h ago 04:27 woodstock, snoopy's devoted bird friend

father's day gifts for every budget

in many households, dad is the hardest person to pick gifts for. and if you're facing that problem with father's day just around the corner, you may be getting anxious.

latest and greatest in housewares

the 2010 international home and housewares show rolled into chicago's mccormick convention center this past sunday. the annual trade show offers retail buyers the opportunity to see the latest in

tricks for the lushest lashes

one of the hottest new mascaras, max factor's lash perfection, $7.75 at drug stores , has a plastic-bristled brush that combs color strht through lashes, providing maximum definition and volume.

essentials for a lobster feast

a fun way to spend time with family and friends this summer is to throw a lobster party. tanya steel, editor of bon appétit magazine visits the saturday early show to demonstrate the essentials