can i build a wood porch over my existing

are deleted files really deleted?

most can be configured to perform from 1 to 32 passes over the file you are erasing. i believe the government 'standard' is 7 passes. instead of 'deleting', which really only removes the reference

help identifying a critter

that i have reservations about .lol if i sprinkle it on the dirt under my house in the clspace area, i wonder if the odor would permeate the wood floor just enough to not bother me, but make

connecting outside speakers to standard 5.1 receiver

yes, it can but when i play music through my outdoor speakers i turn the surround off on the receiver no music in the house, especially if no one is inside and you get true stereo through the

best home renovation projects for 2013

even a minor remodel can make your kitchen feel like new. instead of replacing everything, keep your existing cabinet boxes and replace the fronts with new raised-panel wood doors and ders

cadstd lite

i just wanted a simple computer assisted ding of a simple wood awning i want to build over a doorway. this program appears very capable, so much so that it was too complicated for me to figure out.

what mechanics would you like to see added to dqb3

my personal wishlist: 1. on demand monster raids on your postgame island, from any given direction of your choice. because fortifications become useless once the story is over in dqb2, and i'd personally love to see how my castle would hold up in a siege.

make beautiful slideshows with these top 3 apps

the days of exclusively presenting slideshows on a projector, dvd player, or even a desktop are over. today, you can create, present, and share slideshows directly from all of your devices. but if

without warning, chaos

plus, the porch was built illegally without a building permit. as a result, it was 50 percent bigger than allowed. as a result, it was 50 percent bigger than allowed. phillip pappas owns the

smart lock buying guide

the august smart lock clamps over your existing deadbolt and can turn it automatically whenever you want it to. tyler lizenby/cnet with these retrofit setups, you get to keep the hardware already

unable to export project from imovie

in imovie, you can select a portion in the timeline to be shared or exported - can you get part of your project out to the camcorder or deck - and do that, small pieces 20 minutes of so at a

installing new receiver with old speakers?

my old receiver died, and i now have an onkyo 307 dolby 5.1 receiver, but i can't seem to make it work. i have always had a 6 speaker set up 2 front, center, subwoofer, 2 rear speaker set up