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the mad, twisted tale of the electric scooter craze

rumor has it the batteries have a resale price of about $50 on the street, but there doesn't appear to be a huge market for them on ebay or crslist, according to my quick survey.

top porcelain wall tile: : travisano trevi 12 in. x 12 in

marazzi travisano trevi 12 in. x 24 in. porcelain floor an ideal choice for your space, the msi trevi cafe 12 in. x 24 in. glazed porcelain floor and wall tile features a smooth, matte finish to help add style to your decor.

read positive user reviews for crysis 2 on pc

it's definitely worth the price the first game had per-object motion blur which made it look like a freaking movie, this game just has 1 level of motion blur that still looks good but not as good as the first's per-object. the mp is not like cod. it's tactical low-players small maps like crysis wars. the only similiar to cod is kill spree bonuses except you actually have to walk over to

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as per usual for most games though, the story loses drive after the first area and stays comparatively underwhelming for most of the middle of the game, where the underwhelming gameplay is much more noticeable, so that's -2 points.

top wood look tileredwood natural 6 in. x 24 in. glazed

average roofing cost per sq ft compare wood look tileredwood natural 6 in. x 24 in. glazed porcelain floor and wall tile 9.69 sq. ft. case nredwnat6x24 prices in find popular categories

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you will have a limited amount of points for glyphs per level though, and every glyph has a value from about 1 to 5. tera has enough new in an old formula that it keeps the mmo gameplay fresh. once the game has been available for everyone the elections for vanarchs mayors pretty much start.

going off-grid: how remote towns are taking back the power

price wants to install a solar array in the paddock on tyalgum's main street, currently home to a herd of friendly cows. the goal is to transform the panels into an architectural feature, by

help me decide: pc or apple laptop?

b question: help me decide: pc or apple laptop? /b i read all your submissions and i really rely greatly on your answers so thank you i am in need of a ne - page 5 i am in need of a ne

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master of magic

rampaging monsters and raiders move once per human turn--i.e., twice per turn for two player, thrice for three player, etc. most users have actually claimed to like this, as it makes monsters, raiders, sentries, and garrisoning much more important elements of the game. the total number of players is limited to 4, with a fifth 'ghost wizard' who serves as a buffer. the shell only allows pure

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it doesnt seem to matter to the people that we are $1.4 trillion in debt, have a deficit of $100 billion per quarter and are heading for the brink of destruction. this all with an income tax rate of 55%, corporate tax at 25%, sales tax at 20%, a gas tax, capitol gains tax, etc.

storage talk: why you should get an ssd and keep

when the hard drive is in operation, this go-cart would be flying on the track less than the thickness of a human hair above it, at the speed of some 3.4 million miles per hour. it's just amazing