composite panels for stair balconies

metal gear 2: solid snake

walk down from the balcony and go left above the tanks until you reach a set of stairs going up to another balcony. once on the balcony you'll see a door to the left of the stairs. all that's in there are a couple of guards and some computers. you can go in there if you want to, but your destination is the elevator. follow the path to the right and take the first left you see on the path. you

disney's meet the robinsons

go up the stair and turn left into the lab away. laszlo is the man in white here, talk to him. he'll tell you need a scanner and will give you the blueprint. ----- 4.2.3 task 3 - collect ingredients ----- enter the transport tube to the right to get into the storeroom. you'll need to get to the disassembler ahead of you. turn around and climb the ladder, turn right and the top. jump over the

igi 2: covert strike

use your action key on the panel to open the door and head to the bunker. use your thermal goggles so you can see the last two guys of this level. before you get trigger happy check the camera at the left side of the wall. shoot it first then finish the two guards. now to get down you must activate the power by picking the gate lock and turning the generator on it's near the camera to your

resident evil 4 walkthrough

you'll have to fight your way through the room until you reach him; it'll involve going through another room across the way, up a set of stairs, around the balconies, then shooting a red barrel to

call of cthulhu: dark corners of the earth

go down another flight of stairs and through a door to the area below the balcony. there is a med-kit on a crate behind the door. ignoring the door across from you, go down the stairs and go strht at the intersection, up some stairs and strht past two more intersections to a double door labeled workshop. inside find a drive belt, a revolver, revolver ammo, a med-kit, and a shotgun. leave

gears of war 2 walkthrough

with the courtyard cleared, head across the bridge then up the stairs to find a balcony with two turrets. defend the comm-sat array by destroying 3 reavers grab hold of either turret and lay waste

bioshock 2

near the bot shutdown panel is a hallway of several pneumo tubes that belong to jet-postal, rapture's postal service. this hallway also contains a new plasmid in a red wagon. this hallway also contains a new plasmid in a red wagon.

fallout: new vegas

there is an exit down some stairs but instead go to the next room and onto the balcony. follow it right and go over the wooden plank where a tripwire and grenade bundle are. kill any ghost people about and loot the room. head down the stairs before the wooden plank and take a instant right and run until you reach the wall, to get out of the poison. there is an ammo crate at the south, head

prince of persia: the two thrones walkthrough

the third and concluding chapter in the prince of persia trilogy is finally here, and gamespot's got a complete walkthrough for the game, including video for all the boss fights.

prince of persia walkthrough

prince of persia walkthrough overcome the corruption with our prince of persia walkthrough. check it out for level walkthroughs, combat tips, and achievement and trophy lists


at the foot of the stairs is a roll of copper wire, and at the top of the stairs is a mattress with a jar of medicinal herbs on it, adding up to 30 coin. 3408 turn around, right past the sky bridge is a balcony you can use to enter an apartment. from here it's possible to climb through windows to go up through these two buildings. the third room has a weeper, and in the cabinet here is the

resident evil 5 walkthrough

before climbing the stairs to the 3rd floor, check the chair and balcony for a grenade each. on the 3rd floor, bust open a couple of barrels, then grab the nearby green herb and handgun ammo from

god of war iii collectible guide for playstation 3 by

once you reach the balcony at the end of this wall run go to the end of this balcony in front of kratos while using the 'head of helios' to find the 7th phoenix feather. ***** location: 'upper chamber of the flame' ***** phoenix feather 08 ----- once you reach the save point for this location go to the right and enter the open doorway you come across. make your way down the hallway and up the


you could use the balconies directly under the point, but they are guarded pretty heavily. it all depends on what you think you can handle. head south to the docks. you can even get on the boat by using the crates near the cranes, but that is kinda hard. ----- general 4 ***** boris mikhailov voboss4 ***** head south of the last boss, he is in the ship at the docks. the ship is very easy

medal of honor: airborne walkthrough

the main stairs are covered by an mg; head to your left to find the small ramp that will let you bypass the most dangerous part of the approach. when you reach the last set of stairs, start mowing

panasonic dvd-rp62 review: panasonic dvd-rp62

a front-panel progressive out button, complete with an led indicator, is a boon for wide-screen hdtv owners whose televisions cannot change the aspect ratio of progressive-scan material.