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fallout 3

it's possible that she won't be around, in which case you'll have to look around town for her. save your game and talk to the ghoul. act well mannered and you get the chance to ask him about your dad. you won't have a very high chance of success, but you can always reload your game; it gives 20 exp points, plus you get information about moriarty's terminal in the back. head to the back to find

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whether it's an apartment balcony or a tiny deck, having a small patio doesn't mean it can't be a hub for entertainment and enjoying the outdoors. check out one of these patio sets designed specifically for small spaces and great conversations.

anarchy online

this device, for a nominal fee of 300 credits, allows you to switch around your implants for 5 minutes and also heals you for 1000 health and nano pool, making it a cheap and effective way to heal up quickly. * 'find the mission terminals' find out where the mission terminals are. mission terminals will be the main way for you to make money and gain experience when you aren't exploring a

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ninja gaiden sigma

area: fore cabin --objective: obtain the id card exit the elevator and go around the flight control deck to the other end of the room to find another elevator. take the elevator down to the control deck and get ready for some bloodshed. as soon as you exit the elevator, roll in and use izuna drops and ultimate techniques on the soldiers. when all of them are dead, an msat commander will

might and magic vii: for blood and honor

wind your way around the enemies down here and go into the big pool room. to the west is a secret passage. enter slowly so two blade traps don't nail you when you step on the first tile. take a left and you will run into gogs both ways. now you can become visible and fight them. take the left path first. there are some fire monsters at the end. press the switch and go back to the intersection

resident evil: revelations faq/walkthrough for 3ds by

there is another carcass swimming counter-clockwise around debris in the center in this area so swim above it to not be eaten. swim through the grate, turn the corner left, go through the right side of the debris while collecting the floating <<handgun ammo 10>>, and swim into the lower grate strht ahead. collect <<machinegun ammo 45>> and press the switch. =save= swim out the grate