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pat harrington, jr.

a look back at the esteemed personalities who left us this year, whod touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity. by senior producer david morgan.

'the fantasticks' to close on off-broadway

the show is cheap to run -- with a cast of eight, two musicians, and guy who sprinkles confetti -- but it has always struggled to stay filled in the shadow of broadway houses.

shining force: resurrection of the dark dragon

check out the playhouse for a fairly skewed view of your forces. go to the storehouse in the northeast corner of town for a speed ring, then talk to the guy near the docks. now go north to the big house and talk to the old guy. you can't get a boat, but rather directions to the next town. buy what you need and save, then leave. battle time ----- battle 5 - oh no, the undead ----- enemies

ty burr's profile

for smart kids between the ages of 8 and 12, the movie hits the sweet spot with a satisfying cosmic bang. it's a cross between 'a wrinkle in time' and a middle-school version of 'close encounters of the third kind.'

dead rising

jump along the wooden shelves and be sure to grab the sledge hammer. frank will automatically grab the sides of the shelves while jumping from shelf to shelf. you'll need to fall down along the crates near the right shelf in the back to avoid taking damage. break apart the mannequins by throwing them then grab their torso for a very powerful weapon against zombies. there are also some

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broadway's annies: where are they now?

prior to the show's opening on broadway, kristen vigard was the first annie when the show premiered at the goodspeed opera house in haddam, conn., on aug. 10, 1976.

7 tiny trailers made into homes

their initial refurb budget was a modest $1,000, but they went $500 over on things like paint and primer, old barn wood, discarded lumber and materials to help them with diy projects like the new

gena turgel

the stores' circus-like atmosphere - aimed at making kids want to keep coming back - was amplified by its mascot, geoffrey the giraffe, who appeared in his first tv commercial in 1973. by the

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jake and the never land pirates fan reviews and ratings

at the end,we are treated to a cheap pirate music video that is just pointless. overall,i cannot believe they made ch return in an educational show. disney did this to mickey mouse,and now another