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cedar shingle siding vs vinyl vs wood siding: pros, cons and

figure the better part of 3-4 times the cost and maintenance for cedar versus vinyl. i'd probably avoid shakes because they tend to gray out quickly unless you paint them which is pretty uncommon , and they're more expensive to install unless you use panels, which are more expensive to purchase.

cedar vs. vinyl fence comparison and costs

cedar: vinyl: materials cost: average $14-$18 /linear foot: average $25-$30/ linear foot: installation cost: average $11 -15/linear foot: average $15-20/linear foot: repair complexity and cost: easy to repair; most homeowners will spend between $277-$733 on wood fence repairs

cedar vs. vinyl fence - comparison and costs

cedar vs. vinyl - pricing fence installation is an investment, and for many homeowners price will play a primary role in their decision. when comparing cedar and vinyl fencing it is important to consider the upfront costs as well as additional costs for long-term maintenance and care.

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how much does wood siding cost? wood siding varies widely in price, depending on the quality. wood composite, or engineered wood, costs about $4 to $6.50 per square foot installed, which is more expensive than the average vinyl product but cheaper than solid wood. solid wood such as cedar costs about $5 to $10 per square foot installed.

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versus metal, aluminum. aluminum fences cost more up front, but they are inexpensive and easy to install. metal fencing costs between $2,000 and $5,050 to install and is easier to maintain than wood over time. however, it doesnt offer the privacy of wood or vinyl. strength varies depending on the type of metal you choose.

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dont let your remodeling budget go over-board by hidden surprises understand what the 2019 average installed cost of cedar shake siding is in your zip code by using our handy calculator. as an experienced licensed home improvement contractor, i know first hand what it should cost for various levels from basic, better, and of course

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wood costs about $6 installed which is twice what vinyl costs installed, but with maintenance, wood can last more than 50 years learn more in our guides to cedar siding , cedar siding cost , engineered wood siding and log siding .

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pvc trim is roughly twice the price of common wood trim. pvc does not bond well using common wood glues. despite this fact, many contractors and home owners continue to use wood glue or the only slightly better option of pvc cement. even the manufacturers of pvc trim often recommend their own brand of adhesivebasically high priced pvc cement.

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cedar smells great; there is a reason why our grandmothers and grandfathers kept their prized possessions in cedar chests we think cedar makes for a better wood fence than other, cheaper options. it is true that some treated wood may last longer than cedar, but these treatments involve chemicals which may be toxic and cause health hazards.

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nucedar notes the cost as more expensive than fiber cement, and slightly less expensive than natural red cedar. thus, expect to pay in the range of $10.00 to $13.00 per sq. ft. of composite wood siding installed.

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price variations can be expected depending on the type of wood chosen, the available options include pine, spruce, red or white cedar. if you opt for a wooden fence, you will have to pay between $20-$35 per linear ft. you can choose between panels that are 5 or 6 feet high by 6 or 8 feet in length, which will also influence the total cost.

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western red cedar trees are well known for their great heights, huge trunk diameters and in turn being decay resistant. all this makes for one of the more durable home siding options with unmatched natural beauty. the average cost to install cedar shake siding ranges from $7.50 to $14.00 per square

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exterior stains like sikkens, bohme, penofin, cabot and olympic when used under the right conditions and applied according to the manufacturers guideline will perform exceptionally well on a traditional cedar deck, but many customers now prefer to offset the higher cost of a composite or pvc deck over the lifespan of the material

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the cost may be higher or lower depending on the tear-off and removal cost of the existing roof, insulation layers, and the number of penetrations on your flat roof. for comparison, pvc and tpo roofs cost an average of $5.50 to $8.50 per square foot installed, including materials and labor warranty.

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upvc vs. pvc pipes. it also functions well in a wide range of temperatures and operating pressures. it is incredibly strong, stiff and cost-effective, and so is often used for sewage lines and exterior drainage pipes. even so, upvc piping is much less common in the u.s., where pvc piping is preferred.

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installation costs once significant difference between the two materials is the cost. because shakes are a seven trust quality product and is also harder to install, it can cost up to 1.5-2 times as much as shingles. you can expect to pay $15,200-$24,000 for cedar shake roof size 1,400-2,100 sq.ft , depending on the type and finish options you choose.

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pvc plastic fencing has made strides in the last few years, with additional colors and even textured surfaces now available. and the price gap between pvc and natural wood has now been reduced, with costs fairly comparable. but while pvc is very durable and immune to rot, it needs regular cleaning.

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it has a bit of variation in the color like real cedar shakes, and it has some depth to the color and texture. i looked at foundry vinyl shakes, and there was no comparison. the house is 5200 sq ft. as a comparison, the cost was $5,000 more than smartside.

cedar vs. vinyl siding

the choice between cedar or vinyl siding may not be as easy to make as you think. on one hand, you may have the money in your siding budget and feel that cedar is not only appropriate, but a superior product. however, when you factor in installation requirements and maintenance, you may feel

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if the above prices are accurate, i don't even understand how they can dare, considering that the real thing, pre-stained semi-transparent western red cedar shingle panels, 8' long, are about $520-$650/square. nucedar shingles do appear to be very beautiful, but are they worth the headache and exorbitant cost? it's pvc for goodness sake