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the apple watch sport has an aluminum body, composite back and ion-x glass screen. the apple watch edition has a ceramic back and sapphire crystal, but also adds 18-karat gold to its body.

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the strength of the mongol armies was the horse archer firing a composite bow from the saddle. the best of these archers, called the mangudai, used great tactics to catch enemies at a disadvantage. they used feints and traps to wear out enemy cavalry and shoot it to pieces. slower troops could be shot to pieces at range with little risk. enemy armies were exhausted and shattered without ever

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celts came over from ireland a tribe called the scotti gave their name to the northern part of the main island, scotland . saxons and angles came from germany, frisians from modern holland, and jutes from modern denmark. by 600, the angles and saxons controlled most of modern england. by 800, only modern wales, scotland, and west cornwall remained in largely celtic hands. the new inhabitants

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northern europe was an exception for many centuries because the dense forests of the region nullified the range advantage of bows. throwing weapons like axes, javelins, and knives were more popular there. as the forests were cleared, use of the bow spread. training with missile weapons took place at the archery range. the training of bowmen was especially favored in england, where every town

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in most of the u.k. abortion is legal, but a victorian-era ban has never been overturned in northern ireland, so women have very limited options 3h ago veteran climber on 'especially bad year' on

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and i was like, shut the front door. and that started a lovely journey into oprah's world. and that started a lovely journey into oprah's world. cowan: i mean, life-changing, right?