cheap creative ideas for door steps railing

50 alexa skills worth using

chances are, the ideas aren't always going to be applicable to what you're working on, but in my use, they've sparked some interesting ideas. smart home and car. out of the box, alexa has support

gift ideas for kids of all ages

many parents know the last-minute rush of shopping for a child's birthday party. the editors at real simple magazine suggest setting up a gift closet, stocked with age-appropriate gifts for all ages.

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paper mario: the thousand-year door

go past the stairs to the right and talk to the secret service agent guarding the door. when he learns you want to become a fighter, he sends you to the office of the announcer and manager, grubba. he then steps aside and lets you through the door. you're now in the back hallway of the glitz pit. it isn't quite so fancy here, huh? anyway, walk through it to reach grubba's office, the right

5 customized homes that provide luxury living for pets

under-stair cat box enclosure photo credit: spring creek design according to spring creek design ceo pete cooper, cat owners can run into problems if they decide to finish their basements.

the cheapest cities to start a business

starting a business isn't cheap. one of the biggest challenges for most entrepreneurs is raising capital to fund the early stages of their company, before it has the customers and revenue to

ex-google employee calls for more transparency about china

a former google employee has written a letter to congress about the company's search efforts in china. stephen shankland/cnet google research scientist

top easy window treatments deals at mysimon compare prices

find and save ideas about easy window treatments on pinterest. see more ideas about curtains for kitchen window, kitchen window treatments and door window treatments. see more ideas about curtains for kitchen window, kitchen window treatments and door window treatments.

25 fun things to do with a raspberry pi

computers 25 fun things to do with a raspberry pi. time to get creative with your computing -- here are our favourite fun things you can do with your raspberry pi.

where to go? is it too frustrating hitting dead ends

this isn't a puzzle as much as from software running out of creative ideas, not having any clue of how to link to the next area. honestly this was lazy at best. i could almost understand it if the balcony were sloped down or something, but alas it steps upward, foreboding a fall.

resident evil 4 walkthrough

there's a violet blue in the water beyond the door, near the broken grate by the stairs; grab it before heading up to the giant-swinging-axes room, which all castles in video games are required to

best christmas gifts for under $100: bose and jbl wireless

while black friday and cyber monday have come and gone, there are still plenty of good deals out there for those of us who don't want to spend too much but also don't want to appear too cheap.

read user reviews and submit your own for terraria on pc

the vast selection of items, materials, accessories and more present you with a nearly unlimited amount of fun to explore and expand with your own original creations and ideas. the physics of the game are quite advanced, and if used right, can be played to an advantage in the game.

creative uses for office supplies

a mate who works for the state government here in the health department told me this story. the big boss wanted a laser printer moved so she didn't have to walk so far to get her printed work.

getting minecarts to go faster?

detector rails can also be used for neat things like opening doors with pistons or changing direction on tracks, but that's all slightly more advanced. on uphills, you'll need like 1 powered rail per 3 tracks to keep you going up without slowing down to a cl, or even sliding back down.

how to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 10

'the first time employees come through the door, start building the mindset as all new hires go through security training from day one,' simpson said. 'that way they hear from the time they start