fence on a balcony

salem from the church

go to the lefy past the tables and pass through the wooden fence on the left. look for a cat at the top of the steps at the far end of the alley. possess the cat. jump up onto the dumpster and follow the path up to a fire escape with a woman you can question.

mafia iii faq/walkthrough for xbox one by burqawitz

take cover behind the fence and sneak up to rudolpho's other guard and pull him back for a silent takedown. rudolpho is looking the other way and won't notice, but some other party guests will. hurry up and do a takedown on rudolpho to interrogate him. there's some cash on the table, and another bag of money underneath it on the back side. there are also several crates of booze that you can

assassin's creed syndicate

it is on a balcony on the western side of the building facing the foreign office. the location of secret of london 28. secret of london 30 in the park in the northwest corner of the westminster borough.

castlevania: lament of innocence

if you jump and whip either a pole protruding from the wall or a fence on a balcony, you can booster yourself up. first boost up to the balcony on to the west, as you'll find marker stone 2 up here. grab the serum floating around the middle of this chamber, then whip-boost to the northern balcony. go through the door. finally we get to try out our whip for real this room is filled with three


climb the fence at the far side of the rooftop and once you are hanging from the far side, jump across to the next rooftop across the gap. keep moving along the rooftops to the right and cross the narrow wooden beam. after a short scene you'll end up on a metal balcony below. jump across to the building on the right continue through here and again jump to the next building across the cliff. at

batman scales buckingham palace

scaled the front wall of buckingham palace monday, reaching a ledge near the balcony where the royal family appears on ceremonial occasions. the protester was identified as jason hatch, 33, from


go back up to the balcony, position yourself opposite the chandelier with the bling underneath and jump out and whip to hang from the chandelier and collect the bling. now head through the open doors on the balcony. checkpoint ----- it's time for your first fight with laurel hedare. she's a pushover right now. four hits with a thrown object will take her down. kick open the curio cabinet to

assassin's creed unity

another watcher in on a balcony nearby, but before you air assassinate him make sure to use eagle vision to check that the guards inside are not looking. take cover by the doorway and shot the brute and seeker inside, or d them over for cover kills, and grab the first verse.

call of duty: modern warfare 2 walkthrough

when clear, dart into the house ahead, on the left and aim out the window directly opposite the entrance to kill the enemies farther up including an annoying sniper on a balcony . if you need

soldier of fortune ii: double helix walkthrough

when he is out of sight, shoot the guard on the balcony, then hurry over into the pool area. climb up the trellis and then jump the rail onto the roof. open the grate, then enter the house.

lego marvel's avengers

in the back under the destroyed balcony; when in tennessee with harley move to the right and find the blue wall. the canister is in the little area behind the white picket fence next to the blue wall ; in tennessee, move to the roof of the building in the foreground on the left side. destroy a silver crate. build a generator. once the generator is electrified. a snowflake on a water tower

batman: arkham knight

this trophy is on a balcony area with a large chain linked wire roof and an electrified floor below. sitting on the roof, use your voice synthesizer on the riddler robot and have him move close to the sentry turret below.

the sly collection

from the balcony that is below the wire you were on go over to the wire with lights on the edge of the balcony. look towards the end of the wire and you will see an archway below it. the 13th clue bottle is near the table under that archway. 14. go back up to that balcony again you were just on and now you can cross over that wire that i mentioned for the 13th clue bottle. climb up to that


dufflebag tag - just before you reach the first queen, jump on top of the fence and jump up to a balcony to the right to reach this tag. 2. hatbox - search around in dingo's apartment to find the hatbox. hatbox tag - next to the third painter is a rope. climb the rope and follow the path around. you will find the hatbox tag next to a hook on the wall. 3. purse - in the room where edgar is