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fast forward 12 years, and the once beautiful playground turned into the junk yard you saw at the beginning of this post. our simple plan was to build a floating deck right there on the square leveled area, adding a privacy screen on one side and railings on the most elevated parts.

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unless the deck is self-supporting freestanding . add another beam and columns near the house, and the deck puts no weight on the house. heres a normal deck, seemingly attached to its house: but look below that deck, and you can see its additional structure.

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how to build a deck on the ground. therefore, we recommend you to pour the footings on each corner and consider adding at least one more, on two sides of the deck. dig 15 holes with a posthole digger, pour a 3-4 layer of gravel and install the tube forms. in most of the cases, the top of the forms should be 1-2 above the ground level.

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step 9 - add railing. attach all of the balusters to the outer edge of the decking using lag screws, allowing no more than nine inches between them and testing them with a level to be sure they are all plumb as you go. then, attach the top rail to the pickets and the support posts using deck screws.

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using a posthole digger, make six holes, three along each side at intervals of 3 feet. each should be 8-inches in diameter and 12 inches deep. there is no frost line to deal with since this is a freestanding deck. to give height to the footings, fix the tube forms over each hole to level the footings about 1 inch above ground level. step two

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he says, i like the satisfaction of taking a step back and enjoying something thats been built with my own hands. building the deck. jake teamed up with shannan at his place to build a low 2400 x 1500mm deck positioned in front of the water tank and adjacent to the paved area for barbecuing and entertaining.

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there is no reason that you can't build a freestanding deck that will survive quakes, just keep a minimum 1' clearance between your deck boards and framing, and the side of the house. this will keep leaves, dirt, and other debris from lodging between the structures and causing pest or rot problems.

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drive the anchor into the ground through the plate foundation, checking the level intermittently to ensure it remains plumb. continue to drive it for 30 seconds after the plate has met the ground in order to compact the soil. place the post in the bracket, secure it with screws, and then build the deck.

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natural obstacles such as trees, can impact your deck design and plan. you can choose to build around a large tree, which will require more hours of labor but can make for an interesting natural seating area, or simply remove a tree which depending on the size can be a costly endeavor.

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step 1: create your deck plan if you want to make your low-level deck as inexpensive and simple as possible, follow what i did which is to use 2 x 6 pressure-treated beams spaced 24 in. apart on-center. the support for these joists provided by concrete deck piers needs to be placed at least every 8 feet.

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a freestanding deck can be often be a good choice on sloping properties, as it provides a stable, level area on which to walk. this helps to expandyour useful backyard. freestanding decks can also allow for a tree to come up through the middle or be built around existing trees, providing both natural shading and something good to look at.