glass swimming pool design

eerie photos of abandoned military sites

an empty swimming pool still stands in the officers' building at wünsdorf. the military camp reportedly was the soviets' largest base outside of russia. the military camp reportedly was the

cliff-clinging concept house offers stomach-churning views

the top is a swimming pool with a glass side looking out over the edge of the cliff. massive glass windows give the home unobstructed views outward, emphasizing the sheer drop beyond.

the world's best architecture

the minimalist, st roof topped structure seamlessly integrates with the sloping croatian landscape, with its existence only given away by the sight of a swimming pool which can be glimpsed from

this incredible house is built around a fir tree in a

read: would you go swimming in this pool in the sky? the company told that the house will use hi-tech tesla walls, which have transparent solar panels in the glass for energy.

samsung galaxy s8 active review: 24 hours of battery life

a bad batch of last year's galaxy s7 active phones failed our swimming pool test and died. samsung later fixed the problem , so we've kept a closer eye on this year's model to see if the same flaw

would you go swimming in this pool in the sky? inside

if you're looking for a relaxing swim, this might not be the place for it. stretching between two buildings 10 stories in the air, this glass-bottomed swimming pool isn't for the faint hearted.

jennifer slept here

the backyard patio includes an hour-glass shaped swimming pool, hot tub, pool house and garden plus a guest cottage and two-car garage. ghostly manifestations: hollywood is an area full of ghost

sony xperia z3 compact review: the best compact android

the phone has a similar aesthetic to its predecessor, with the same glass front and back and minimalist sony xperia branding. a key change is around the edge, where the aluminium band has been

big brother dream house

for fun, it's fourth of july all summer long in the big brother backyard, including a jacuzzi and swimming pool. but don't let the neighbors stop the fun from happening - the house next door is

this notre dame redesign would turn the cathedral roof

swedish architecture firm ulf mejergren architects has proposed turning the entire roof into a cross-shaped swimming pool. the firm calls the design 'a meditative public space; a complementary

if your brand-new iphone drowns like ours did, do this

apple also strongly advises against bringing a water-resistant iphone into contact with chlorinated water a pool , salt water the ocean , high-velocity water the shower or jet skis and taking

changing rooms

they use swimming pool tiles in the same colors around the fireplace. andy accidentally miscalculates and makes a design for over the fireplace a bit small. however, they make due, and just cut

sail away on these superdeluxe superyachts pictures

known as project niki before its launch, the lurssen-built solandge boasts a large swimming pool, a helicopter pad, and super-posh staterooms for 12 guests. the interiors, by aileen rodriguez

looking glass

bridge inspector scott harris, right, and crane operator andy dubay inspect the back river bridge, on route 127 over the back river connecting arrowsic and georgetown, maine, monday, aug. 6, 2007.

sony xperia xz review: the best of sony, but not the best

the phone is water and dust resistant ip68 rated, if you're wondering , but that doesn't mean you can take it in the swimming pool. the protection it has is designed to keep it safe from

waterproofing explained: how apple, samsung and sony keep

plop. that's the sound of your phone impacting a pot of tomato sauce. or a swimming pool. or -- god forbid -- a toilet bowl. normally, you're screwed.

world's first 360-degree infinity pool is coming to london

the pool is designed to have a full spectrum of colorful lights for night swimming. compass pools the floor of the pool is transparent, allowing visitors to see the swimmers and sky above.

grand designs

the main structure will be built in germany with the special 'radiator' glass coming from belgium, the ground floor with indoor swimming pool is arranged around a courtyard garden with a garage on