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cledus t. judd

now the girls are always over at willie's cause willie's got a big deck. with. a hot tub on it and the girls really want it there's a band playing and lots of thong bikinis there's a barbeque grill in the corner and they're eatin' weenies check out the blonde on the hot tub ladder i guess it just goes to show size does matter willie's got a big deck i decided to get some redecoratin done i

tv premiere dates 2019-20 , comments 51-60

morgan neville's documentary chronicles the last years in the life of famed director orson welles, and, specifically, his attempts to make his final film, the other side of the wind conveniently also streaming on netflix today .

royal caribbean's high-tech ship lets you be lazier than

mark licea/cnet as someone who spent nearly two hours dealing with security and waiting at a check-in desk for a princess cruise in september, i appreciated any way to make the process easier.

tyler skaggs

turned out gibbons was the greatest british wood carver, and esterly would be utterly taken with his work, enough so that he then spent eight years in an english cottage teaching himself to carve

exclusive: tour the luxurious new 'below deck

the decks also feature a jacuzzi, sun decks to take in some epic views and all the fun toys at the guests disposal, including giant, inflatable slides. below deck mediterranean premieres

i hate my gas grill, and use it all the time

this weekend, as i pull the cover off my propane barbecue and scrape last weeks carbon residue from the grill bars, i know how ill feel. compromised. because

bbq pizza made ez

place the hot pan on the scrap lumber or other non-combustible surface your now-useless pizza stone, old wood cutting board, bricks, ceramic tile in a safe place out of reach of children or unsuspecting guests and let it cool. it will stay too hot to touch for about 15 minutes. the pan will blacken the wood slightly, it's so hot.

watch the this old house hour episodes online season 11

pbs's home-improvement series and 'ask this old house,' an offshoot in which 'house' regulars field viewer questions and make weekly 'house calls' to make actual home improvements . 'this old