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re: composite deck screw problem i posted the same sort of problems with cortex screws two years on the jlc forum. i talked to a rep from the company and he offered to pay for broken bits, like that is even close to the time i lost messing with stripped screws.

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re: composite decking repair here's an idea, one i've never tried on composite decking before, but have had success in woodworking: buy a 1/2' plugcutter and make some composite plugs from some scrap, drill out the lag holes with a 1/2' bit, insert plugs with some glue, and it may still be visible, but not as obtrusive.

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find the fasteners -- some are concealed below the decking so that screw heads do not show -- loosen them, and replace the entire plank. how to repair a composite deck if it gets damaged. home

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descratch composite decking repair kit in roman antique is made to cover up any scratch marks that may occur in your coextruded composite decking. instead of replacing the whole board which costs a lot of time and money, pick up the descratch.

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6 ways to plug or fill pocket holes made by your kreg jig or other pocket hole jigs. cover your pocket screws for painting. full blog post: fixthisbui

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predrill three clearance holes in two 16-in. treated wood cleats so they pull tight to the joists. also, pull up on them so they butt tightly against the decking on each side as you screw them in. apply construction adhesive, hold each cleat tight to neighboring deck boards, and screw one to the joists at each end of the deck repair.

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they were always damp, dirty, and uneven due to tree roots. put in a ground level composite deck, and we love it. we use the space so much more than we used to. no rotting because of the composite, and we havent felt any suspicious movement indicating any rotting in the joists beneath the floor.

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since these deck planks are not standard lumber, special deck screws had to be designed to work with this material. regular, self-countersinking screws caused the plank to 'mushroom,' meaning that the material pulls up in a hump around the screw head. make sure to use the screws that the composite deck manufacturers recommend to avoid such issues.

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the main benefit of pre-drilling holes for deck screws, or any screws, is simply preventing the wood from splitting. often this is the only way to prevent splitting when driving screws or nails close to the end of a board. it's also easier to drive the screws when the holes are pre-drilled, especially in harder woods like oak and maple.

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if you take a look up inside the hole youll see that weve actually cast matching threads for the lag screw and once the resin becomes fully cured, it becomes very hard, and quite strong. so that we can just screw this right back in again. well i guess you can say that stripped out screws are an inevitable part of home improvement projects.

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composite decking puts modern technology to work right in your backyard. turn it over and screw it back into place upside down. 2. wade. 'how to repair cracks in composite decks.' home

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this is a pry tool made for removing old deck boars, and doing similar jobs. this may be a sort of last-ditch method, in the case of deck board put on with screws - yet it would probably still work. if your deck joists are still in good shape, might work out okay. this would take you as far as getting the old boards off