non slip coating for wooden decks or stairs

boom blox

get the first two 'steps' ready by pulling the blox that are sandy colored out. then pull out a bunch of the vanishing blox in the gorilda's way. once those are all gone for him, just ready the rest of the steps, and he shouldget there in time for a gold. for completing carpenter, you unlock the use of booga in create mode. for completing carpenter, you unlock the use of ooga in create mode

mystic ark walkthrough for super nintendo by motherkojiro

go up the stairs to get another herb cookie, then go down the stairs that seem to go underwater. get the foundation seed here, then go into the difficult-to-see opening just to the right of the staircase. you can only open one chest, so make it count. the left one contains a speed bottle, the right one contains a mana spray, and the middle contains the sansetsukon. the sansetsukon cannot be

l.a. noire

head up the stairs to the room at the end: wallet on the floor with license and number slip popcorn cup, look under it syringe parts on floor in the corner another cup near syringe another cup on kitchen counter, flip this one over look at the body in the chair look at the left arm of the body on the floor then his pocket for a wallet with two items then just walk with roy to the black caesar

beyond oasis

walk down the wooden steps and then go south to another pair of wooden steps. go up the steps and then go westward to the water shrine. defeat the guard at the water shrine and then enter the shrine. inside the water shrine youll begin in a room with two female statues submerged in water. open the wooden door at the north portion of the first room with the gold key in the chest in the

okami hd

grab the wooden bear from a chest and cross more banners to reach another chest, this one containing exorcism slip s. drop down off the ledge to the west. feed a group of mice down here, and be sure to use the origin mirror before advancing through the door. blow away the pyres of fire using galestorm, and continue through another door. ah, that crimson fellow we've been hearing about

scooby-doo mystery

enter the top door marked 'deck 1'. in this room, walk to the left to daphne. daphne will talk to you and give you a scooby snack. pick up the trunk near the wall by going in front of it and pressing 'up'. exit the room the same way you came in. back in the starting room, enter the door on the bottom of the screen. in this room, walk left till you see velma. she'll talk to you. now, with the