how to remove floor from renegade 4.2 boat

syphon filter: logan's shadow

--checkpoint-- --hidden evidence-- turn on your edsu goggles inside the doorway and it's on the floor on your left. buckle against the small containers and kill the baddies. after this shoot the rpg on top of the ladder and remove the rubble. --checkpoint-- after this head up the ladder and turn the valve on the door. pick up the m4 carbine in the box and climb up the next ladder. kill all the

command and conquer: renegade

ascend the staircase to the second floor then head back out through the broken wall while killing two flamethrowers along the way. havoc will find himself on a wooden bridge stretching to the left. use the rocket launcher to take out the gun emplacement at the end of the wooden bridge then look to the left to kill a rocket soldier officer on the balcony there as well as the nod light tank

best movies of all time

an out-of-work puppeteer takes a filing clerk job on the cramped 7 ½ floor of an office building where he discovers a hidden tunnel allowing him to enter the mind and life of actor john malkovich for 15 mintues before being ejected onto the new jersey turnpike.

shipping manifest nuka-cola mission with spoilers

ok, if you haven't played this mission or quest already, i'd advise you to stop reading now. ok? good, so for the optional portion of the quest, i have to retrieve the shipping manifest from the nuka-cola plant thats south of megaton.


press , 4, 2, and then * to lower the water level and open the lock gates. go back and ask the barge captain about 'locks'. he will move his barge into the lock. now press , 4, 1, and then * to raise the water level and let the barge through the lock. go around to the front of the train and ask the barge captain for 'help'. attach the hook to the end of the chain he throws. follow them down

the adventures of cookie and cream

4-2 gift: a small red robot on the right of cream's side near the big robot. piece: while punching some trash in the big robot. 4-3 push cookie's key on the train to send it on cream's side. cream can now push it and open the chest to get a jigsaw piece. 4-4 make cookie grab the jigsaw piece on the wooden bridge. 5-1 make cookie turn the lever to open a passage beneath cream's waterfall. go in

chapter 2

inside the boat house, you can get the smooth almond tofu recipe from the cookbook behind the barrels. you can also speak to sheldon to purchase fish bait, and a collectible item for wazy . there is also a fishing spot by the pier on the right side.

harvest moon: friends of mineral town cheats, codes, and

on mondays, wednesdays, and rainy days between 1 and 4 pm, carter will be in the upper-left room and is able to remove cursed tools and accept confessionals.

resident evil 5

chapter 4-2: worship area ===== emblem 22: when you make it to the bottom floor of the laser/mirror puzzle, ----- the emblem will be located in the northern room, right above the doorway. chapter 5-1: underground garden ===== emblem 23: at the flower cave you start out in, make your way over to the right ----- eastern side of the area and spot the emblem underneath the catwalk that leads

gun faq/walkthrough for gamecube by gl

the boat is going to be destroyed, and ned gives you a token, and tells you he's not your father. <insert darthvader noooo here, but not quite> the boat explodes, with everyone on it, except for you. ----- honest tom gn.03.04 ----- you just washed ashore, and are looking for a way to get to dodge. ----- reward: new pony express, bounty, poker mission available. ----- you'll see how the