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should i put black plastic down under the new deck i am about

landscape mulch fabric would be better for this app than plastic sheeting. plastic tends to hold water and not allow water to soak into the ground under the deck. if the deck is close to a slab house, it's usually desirable for the water to soak the ground under the deck to avoid slab problems.

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jim putnam with landscape fabric. back to the advantages, this ones telling: if you put the fabric under gravel and have gravel regret which hes seen many times, with customers needing to have their gravel removed its very easy to remove if theres fabric underneath. which may be a case of two wrongs making a right.

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stone and landscape fabric under deck. by jay white city, sask. canada i am building a deck on my two level house. i put weed blocker material and pea stone under where the future deck will be. now that i am done i am wondering if i should have leveled the earth prior to doing so.

did i do the right thing putting small stones under my deck?

many people put stone, or some other kind of ground cover under their decks because it prevents weeds and grass from growing. if you want to keep the stone there, i would recommend removing the plastic tarp from underneath it and replacing it with landscaping fabric. the fabric will allow water to drain through, and prevent weeds from growing.

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please step away from the landscape fabric.. lol. the soil under the fabric looks like dead, compacted clay. i dont even know how plants survive the fabric when its blocking all the good nutrients from getting down to the roots which seemed to grow up thru the fabric in search of nutrients .

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landscape fabric under deck home interior - exterior design landscape fabric pros and cons finding an alternative thru sheet mulching for weed control deck, patio, and landscaping - duration

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how to stop weeds under your deck g packard watch as george explains one of the easiest ways he has found to do work under decks, or in other tight spots. landscape fabric pros and cons

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like drain field fabric, landscape fabric lets water and air move through the soil. this also means that the soil temperature won't vary as much, protecting plants with delicate root systems. landscape fabric works effectively under decks, sidewalks or in gardens with decorative ground cover like landscaping rock or mulch.

landscape fabric isnt just for weed control irrigation and

the answer is landscape fabric. commonly known as a weed-barrier, landscape fabric isnt just for weed control. its a multi-tool rolled up in a convenient, easy-to-use package. landscape fabrics come in many flavors. they can be woven or spun bond and vary greatly in their weight, strength, permeability, life expectancy and other factors.

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low level - scrape and landscape fabric standard, gravel and edging is optional --- the only time i have not installed gravel is when they wanted lattice installed pretty easy upsell when they see what it would take to get gravel under there after the deck is built

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small stones are a nice idea. you can get all kinds of stones and usually they are native to your landscape and geography so they naturally enhance the look of your deck. but i would recommend that you lay down a sheet of landscaping fabric under the deck, properly overlapped. then place the stones over top.

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the clspace under an elevated deck can be the center of many 4 problems to avoid with your decks clspace cardboard boxes or fabrics should not be

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cut and install wood lattice around the deck foundation to hide the storage area from view. thicker lattice holds up better than thinner lattice. staple landscape fabric to the inside of the lattice to further hide the storage area. watch this video to find out more. further information. how to trim lattice around a deck foundation video

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therefore, i laid overlapping pieces of const. grade landscape fabric over the dirt under the deck, then put about 4 inches of rock on top of it. it took a lot of effor to move enough rock to cover 300 sq. ft, but i know for certain i won't be seeing any plant life under that deck

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leaving the area below your deck uncovered can allow weeds and other plants to sprout, eventually pushing up between the deck boards. gravel installed over a layer of fabric or plastic sheeting

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are the fabric and stones under a cedar deck 'required'/necessary? if these are not included, would weeds/mushrooms grow under the deck? the fabric and stones is about $950 option in my deck build.

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three years ago, i put down landscape fabric covered with shredded bark mulch between my raised garden beds. huge mistake. the email protected $ nutsedge grows right through it, under it, over it, everywhere. nutsedge has long runners that sprout new plants every so often so it grows under the fabric and up into the beds themselves.

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during rain, it became muddy on the ground under the deck , also due to the drainage pipe was not smooth might be blocked/narrowed somewhere under ground , big rain will cause water to build up underneath the deck around the foundation.. i ordered 8 yards of 1 inch gravel and put them under the deck, the deck size is about 370 sq feet.

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why landscape weed barrier fabric is ugly and wasteful. so, if those reasons still arent enough for you, consider what happens after youve put in your weed barrier, installed your plantings and then you start top-dressing your plantings with a healthy layer of composted mulch.

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landmaster commercial landscape fabric with typar technology dramatically landmaster commercial landscape fabric with typar technology dramatically reduces weed growth by blocking sunlight and preventing weed germination. for permanent landscapes and under pavers patios and sidewalks where a highly durable fabric is required.

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6 reasons why landscape fabric is a bad idea. written by gene caballero on june 09, 2015. should i install landscape fabric? landscape fabric is used by many gardeners to cut down on gardening maintenance tasks. should you install the fabric if you haven't already? as a professional gardener, i've seen many gardens during my 14 year career.

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we have landscape fabric and a fine crushed stone covering the area under our deck. if there is a chance the deck will get screened in, you might also consider putting screening down before the deck boards are laid. we did that in anticipation of screening ours in.