how to finish around an above ground pool

disney's meet the robinsons

disassemble one piece for the railing above you while you're here. go through the other door at ground level in the cafeteria. disassemble the second locker on the left and scan the boy that falls out. *scan 63* the other locker boy. go into the classroom on the right side of the hall both doors on the left are locked . scan the chest in here: *scan 64* antique disassembler chest 1. this

am i doing something wrong?

i also think the guy above had a good point- use the foot stomp to finish skill and just knock em down. then press l1 to kill em. easier than aiming and bashing their heads. then press l1 to kill em.

super ghouls 'n ghosts

when you go down to the fourth level, dj left and back over the left lava pool to make a chest appear above you. get it, the go to the right over the poles and meat platforms. ewwwww. continue right over the next set of poles and youll meet your first red gargoyle. defeat him and then leap to: stage 3-2: towers of molten steel a pretty strhtforward stage. go to the right blasting

dragon quest builders 2

he then wants you to finish up pool side. hit up the workbench, build what you need 3x deckchair, 3x dining table, 3x cactail, and a sunbrella , and finish the pool. if you're short on prickly peaches for the cactail drinks since each one needs a prickly pop drink, which is a prickly peach thrown in a cask , head north, there's plenty of cacti there. and if you harvested all the prickly

batman: arkham origins

the following are all of batman's variations that he can perform during a combo: strike counter redirect evading over enemy stun super stun o, o, o/b, b, b ground takedown aerial attack o, x, x/b, a, a beatdown don't believe you have to finish it for it to count special takedown triangle o/y b bat swarm square x/x a disarm and destroy square triangle/x y multi-ground takedown x

kodu faq

jet -- jet hoveres above the ground but has the ability to go up and down. by mapping the l stick to move, you can map the r stick to adjust elevation. by mapping the l stick to move, you can map the r stick to adjust elevation.

ascending the underworld

go around the nesting material on the right and drop off the ledge at the end to fall off in a pit covered with red flares. when you land, you should be able to find the tall lamp post attached to a generator nearby.

prince of persia: the two thrones

--objective: use curved wall runs when the coast is clear; head for the area with the sun symbol on the ground and then use landscape view. see that swing pole? to access it, the prince will have to use a wall run on the curved wall. get on top of the stone and then wall run around the wall and then jump tot eh swing bar. swing and jump to the bronze slit and stab it. access the raised

ancient city

the plants don't really do anything either, but it's fun to grind things up go back over to the grated area near the center of board near the oasis pool. blow up and destroy everything around it. finish building the picture on the ground. build the lego g where the arch was.

god of war: chains of olympus walkthrough

a gorgon and some harpies will attack you at the top, so finish them off and poke around for chests. there's a red orb chest off to the right a bit, as well as another chest to the left.

marvel's spider-man walkthrough and guide

there is a vent around above his door to the right. cl through the vents to find an electric trap. use l-stick to aim and r2 to shoot at the junction box across from the trap. the vent into li's office is right after the vent over aunt may.

how can i make risotto like hell's kitchen?

otherwise it tightens up and you lose that nice slight little pool of liquid you're supposed to have around each grain. edit: just checked lidia bastianich's basic risotto to make sure i'm not nuts. she specifies 8 minutes for sauteing the aromatics, 1 to 2 minutes for toasting the rice, and 16 to 20 minutes from the time the wine is added to service. and she says serve immediately. reply e


when it can go no further, look above and to the right to spot a rope dangling above. let go of the cart and quickly get your zombies to throw you up to the rope. climb this to the top and move to the left until you spot a hole in the ground. the zombies below will follow after you, pushing the cart as they go. drop down to the top of the cart when it appears beneath the hole and they will

the legend of kyrandia: book one

exit the cavern to the left and finish this section - and be sure to make a new save file, just in case short moves: 1. take garnet, saw, apple, letter. 2. go to temple. present letter. go to altar. along the way, get a teardrop at pool. get rose. 3. return to temple and give rose. receive silver rose. place teardrop in dead willow. 4. chase merith. get purple marble. place in altar. place


dive underwater and look around the right side of the pool for artefact: soldier. swim under the pillar of rock blocking access to the next area and surface on the other side. jump out of the pool and follow the tunnel killing all the enemies who get in your way.

pool of radiance

even though the maximum cleric level in pool of radiance is 6, it is still worthwhile having a human cleric around, because there is a large leap in the power to turn undead between levels 5 and 6. you definitely want a human cleric if you plan to transfer characters to curse of the azure bonds. you should have one other person capable of at least a little healing; i recommend a multi-classed