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jak and daxter: the precursor legacy

stick to the ground and you'll run below the bone bridge that you made earlier. just after that the ground will slope downward -- watch out for the lurker -- and you'll come to a wooden bridge ignore the shiny light below for the time being . hop on and start jogging. this bridge leads us directly onto the fearsome lurker ship. be afraid be very afraid. or not. either way, there are some

tales of zestiria

stairs to 7f second from top down leads to survivers gurb silver chest * stairs to 7f third from top down leads to east treasury for purple orb * stairs to 7f forth from top down leads to a ribbon of cosmos in treasure area and a dead end on eastern 6f --- 3.20 elaine ruins 6f north room chest listed left to right > ragnarok 1st silver chest * ribbon of chaos 2nd center silver

far cry walkthrough

now that you have a suit of armor and a proper killing machine nestled in your hands, feel free to grab the health pack in the small storage room near the stairs, before heading up said stairs to

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back at the cabaret, jelani and jenny made their third attempt, while hayley and blair made their fourth. by putting adequate pizzazz into it, the medics received the clue second. matt and ashley headed out of rehearsal in bubblegum pink outfits this is outrageous along with aly and steve, while jeff and jackie continued to rehearse.

final fantasy viii

final fantasy viii is square's eighth imagine that installment in the final fantasy franchise. the game is most noted for its extremely flexible junction system, as well as its unique battle system. whereas vii was set in a postmodern society, final fantasy viii takes place in a modern world.

tony hawk's pro skater 3

deck locations: ----- 1: immediately to your left when you start the level there is a small kicker. air off the kicker and into the deck. 2: between the awnings where the nosebluntslide the awnings goal is. simply grind the awnings and ollie between them to get the deck. 3: on the lower deck, on the outside of the ship on the other side of the atrium there are three lifeboats. the hidden deck

went down the stairs to the basement, where the bedroom was located. when he turned on the when he turned on the lights he saw the nude body of his daughter, karen spled face down on the bed.

mercenaries: playground of destruction faq/walkthrough for

when you are clear, go up the stairs and walk left around the gun until you reach a door. press triangle to man the prototype gun. the supergun is marked by a yellow circle and arrow. fire at it with the prototype gun until it is destroyed. time to get the ace. hijack an nk vehicle to become disguised and drive to the marked area. the ace is tough to get too, there are plenty of nk soldiers