how to strenthen a plastic bench

the environmental pitfalls at the end of an iphone

one sweltering friday afternoon in june, about a dozen workers, mostly women, were ripping apart spent computers, separating the plastic, metals, and wires. to a western eye, it was almost dickensian.

apple under tim cook: a nicer company, but a better one

the colorful, plastic iphone 5c from late 2013 flopped, and the iphone se, introduced in march, starts at $399, pricier than many android alternatives. then there are the questionable bets.

top keter shelves replacement parts deals at mysimon

keter magazine - keter plastic. welcome to keter, a market leader in quality plastic home and outdoor storage solutions. the underlying premise behind every keter product is to improve peoples daily lives.

lenovo ideapad flex 14 review: an inexpensive ideapad that

the largely plastic body doesn't have that seven trust ideapad feel. the bottom line lenovo tries something new with the semi-hybrid ideapad flex 14. the fold-back hinge is of dubious practical use

google nexus 4 review: google nexus 4

the nexus 4 is a respectable 9mm thick and its screen is protected from scratches by gorilla glass. it measures 134mm long and 69mm wide -- a very similar size to the galaxy s3.

so my cpu is way too hot. solved

the pc personal computer is a highly configurable and upgradable gaming platform that, among home systems, sports the widest variety of control methods, largest library of games, and cutting edge graphics and sound capabilities.

how to re-treat a cutting board ??

offal is having a big moment in the food world, which prompted guillermo a self proclaimed offal lover to visit chef jeremy salamon one of nyc's youngest lgbtq rising star chefs at the eddy, right on time to celebrate pride month.

dell inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop review: an undeniable

the good the updated dell inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop has better graphics and display, a thunderbolt 3 usb-c port, 2x2 802.11ac wireless and a fingerprint reader built into the power button

samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 review: a suitable price for this

plastic builds are samsung's m.o., and the tab a exudes this, managing to feel flimsy and cheap. despite this, it's still comfortable, thin, lightweight and compact in size.

2016 gift guide: 'shark tank' edition

mensch on the bench the elf on the shelf isn't the only game in town. neal hoffman created a fun new hanukkah tradition with mensch on the bench, a book-and-plush-doll combo that teaches children

planning perfect yard, tag, garage sale

so, here are a few tips to help you take part in, and perhaps improve on, america's great tag-sale tradition. it takes only a little extra time to help make your tag sale stand out from the rest.

hp star wars special edition notebook review: hp's star

the good the star wars designs covering this laptop look great, and the system is packed with digital content extras. it doesn't cost more than a standard 15-inch hp laptop.

outperform steroids with this body-cooling glove

a new prototype of the device is more compact, resembling a flat plastic glove attached to a cooler instead of a bulky coffee pot. it's said to be more effective than the earlier version.