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border patrol apprehends 1,000 migrants trying to cross

border patrol agents apprehended a group of 1,036 migrants attempting to cross the border near el paso, texas, early wednesday morning, the largest group taken into custody to date.

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from a case of hiccups to the sensation of d j vu to how we throw a football, quirks of the human body and mind all trace back to enormous transformations on earth, millions and even billions of

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lessons you can learn from your parents' marriage. eating right without having to go on a diet. national geographic bee winner in studio. linda wells from eating right without having to go on a diet.

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at age 16, his parent agreed to allow him to focus on football as a career, after he became one of the best students in the school. while there, he the quickest in the academy, and one of the

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football legend lawrence taylor returns as the game's cover-athlete and star linebacker for the new york nightmare, quentin sands, along with a star-studded supporting cast. midway midway

snakebites are on the rise, and these states are the

carlos santana on lessons of woodstock 50 years later 'more important than the mescaline or jerry garcia or woodstock or the music is how these people were able to co-exist with unity and harmony'

why do so many short people excell in martial arts?

on the other hand, in classical fencing, being very thin and of average hight is an advantage, period. presenting a smaller target, while maximizing lunging distance is ideal, and there's no

video: 8-year-old stars in make-a-wish victory over mls's

in the best feel-good story of the day, 8-year-old atticus lane-dupre scored four goals to lead his team, the green machine, past mls's portland timbers in a match sponsored by make-a-wish.

the white sox ballpark in chicago that never was and could

fantasy football today in keeping with the lessons of its masters, to put every fan close to the game on the diamond. then again, bess designed armour to correct what he sees as wrigley's

the silver beetle issues 1-5: the crimson killer pt 1 now

the tall, tough football player went down like a boxer in a fashion that made robert want to yell timber robert turned around and gave the kid back his backpack. what the hell was in