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the new big brother 21 house sends the houseguests back to

the indoor outhouse when it's time to bail out of the boat, they can head into the boathouse-themed bathroom, complete with paddles on the door and awnings over the room's mirrors. the hoh room is the definition of glamping

question about rock fences

simple explanations its either. - it was raining and you left them outside. - or whacked them with one of your tools. - you forgot to make a full square fence, and the wild dog was able to bark at your animals. this is a full square fence: x x x x x x x <--- wild dogs can bark at your chickens on this spot.

a kitty cat play time: my littlest kitten

you're a cute kitty cat with a tomcat personality. can you stay out of trouble?race your kitten through the park along the stone path, collecting gold coins

beginner guide

if you have a bunch of wood you can use planks to light the furnace and put the iron blocks into the furnace to smelt the iron. now you have iron ingots, i suggest first making an iron pickaxe. save this to use on the following blocks: gold, diamond, emerald, redstone.

how do you make a fence? harvest moon ds

its not really a fence, but yea. you clear up all the grass and rocks, then u pick up lumber, stone or gold lumber and just toss it on the floor and make a fence out of it, and it will stay there.

mlb hot stove: ranking the five most disappointing

as such, the angels could use every win they can get in order to improve their chances of reaching the postseason. the other is that mike trout will be a free agent after 2020.

rust penetrant ..a mechanic's trade secret

if the bolts aren't too close to wood, you can apply direct flame after using a penetrating oil. that helps quite a bit. if bolted through wood, you can try water soaking of it first and then the

49 outdoor cameras that take home security seriously

the $199/£155/au$299 ring video doorbell 2 can either be hardwired or you can use the removable, rechargeable battery. it has 1,920x1,080p hd resolution, a 160-degree field of view and optional