laying wood flooring at 90 degrees

living the high life

'for the full-floor, which this is, the price is approximately $20 million.' the building is 65 stories tall, but with a tiny footprint. the building at its base is 75 feet wide.

the heat is on

with the mercury already at 90 degrees by mid-morning and the sun beating down, new york city department of transportation worker nick krevatas re-applies sunblock as his crew works on re-painting

subwoofer for onkyo805 with ascend speakers

john, i'm starting a new thread rather than tagging more onto the old one. i'd like to continue the subwoofer discussion. i'm liking the hsu now.

dyson dc41 animal complete review: does this top-of-the

try pulling it down gently, and the whole vacuum will rock back toward you while remaining at that 90-degree angle. it takes a sharp tug to snap it out of position, and every time you do so, the

6/17/05 computer-related injuries are no laughing

the person seated should have both feet flat on the floor with knees bent at about 90 degrees. if the chair?s limitations won?t allow for this posture another chair should be used that can be

can a fridge with french door be installed next to wall

read the can a fridge with french door be installed next to wall? discussion from the chowhound cookware food community. join the discussion today.

kef kht-3005se or aperion 5b fusion speakers?

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iphone 4-ever

>>molly wood: this week on the cnet tech review it's all about the iphone 4 mostly. we've got steve's big announcement and brian tong's hands on first look from the wwdc plus safari 5 is released

show me your buildings

humanity: use wood floors as basis for everything you build, you can get all the walls to snap properly and make 90 degree angles and everything ; but yeah, can't wait for mods that improve all that stuff