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i switched from i joists to open webs and never regretted it. the largest benefit to open webs is you can run your ducts without soffits. if you properly design your trusses you can have an opening 24' wide that lines up cleanly through the floor for duct runs.

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which product is better i-joists or floor trusses? part 2 this topic has received so much attention on our blog that we thought we would write another article about it. to see part 1 of this series, click here. this debate, i dont feel is as hot of a topic as rafters vs. trusses, at

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the advantages of open-web floor trusses are beginning to decelerate the growth of ewp. though i-joist sales per housing start have increased about 6% over the last two years, the trend has slowed considerably. some of the small gain is due to the continuation of the replacement of solid-sawn joists.


trimjoist is the marriage of an open-web floor truss and a trimmable, wooden i-joist, bringing the best features of each to the relationship. as the name trimjoist indicates, our product can be trimmed on the construction site for a custom fit.

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tb-156 - weyerhaeuser edge gold floor panel deflection comparison of two trus joist tji floor joist systems; tb-105 - elevated garage floors with weyerhaeuser structural composite lumber; tb-158 - engineering requirements for i-joists, structural composite lumber, and plated trusses

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or, you can use a manufactured floor truss, which is typically made up of 2×3 or 2×4 members and are designed and built by your local truss plant. the third option would be to use i-joists which are a manufactured product typically made up of osb oriented strand board or similar material webs and top and bottom flanges of dimensional or ply

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dimensional lumber floor joists 2 x 8, 2 x 10, and 2 x 12 construction lumber was the popular choice for floor joists before floor trusses and i-joists were developed. . though construction lumber cannot span as far as floor trusses or i-joists, it is readily available, and when used within its strength capabilities, construction lumber will produce a solid-feeling floor s

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there are many ways to frame a floor but i believe 2x4 trusses make the best floor. in this video i'll show you the options and make the case for trussed floors. -matt risinger.

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for a floor span of over 24 trusses are certainly the way to go. to which rick responded: im thinking it would take a little more math on the builder/customer part to compare against labor cost savings of setting floor truss vs time required to set hangers, cut and nail joists. personally, i have metal connector plated wood floor

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the joists are what run between your second and your first story for the flooring and underneath the first story for your floor. find out about floor joists versus floor trusses with help from a

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a joist, as it is thought of in everyday construction, is a member that supports a floor, or a ceiling that is suspended below the roof rafters. it maybe the ground floor in a conventionally framed structures or any floor above that level.

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installing floor trusses and vs joists newlywoodwards fire resistance floor trusses vs joists floor trusses vs joists doityourself com joist vs truss difference and comparison diffen. whats people lookup in this blog:

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with respect to conventional framing 16 inches or 19.2 inches on center joist spacing , i-joists are 50 percent stiffer than solid sawn lumber. in terms of strength, for simple spans, an i-joist series with the lowest design values pri-20 can span to within inches of the strongest solid sawn lumber joist s. pine .

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residential construction has seen a tremendous increase in the use of floor trusses over the past several years. floor trusses are not to be confused with the traditional construction method of using floor joists. although both are systems designed to provide structural support to a floor system

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cost. floor trusses are expensive. unless there is a good reason for your project to have floor trusses unusually long spans or heavy load requirements , it would be much more cost-effective opt for a more economical option that does not compromise performance such as the triforce open joist. triforce combines floor truss advantages

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*joe, i've used macmillan truss joists in many high end homes and they have performed very well. three suggestions; 1 it's the glue that makes them quiet, be sure the framer glues everything hangers and all, 2 don't go with the maximum spacing, add a few extra on the long spans to get less bounce, 3 get the lumber yard in the loop early so the engineering is done when you submit the plans to

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the one thing con you forgot to consider with floor truss vs traditional joists is that they are much weaker in a fire situation and will collapse long before a traditional floor joist will. kim woodward says