how to make your own lattice fence panels

the sims bustin' out

mood: your mood is the reason why you make money, since you'll be buying things that will help you raise your mood faster. the mood bar is on the left side of the screen, on the bottom with your character's face. there are 4 bars on the left, and continues on the right. the bars on the left represents how bad you are, meaning if you're in a bad mood, the bars will start filling one by one. the

tomb raider ii

stay and fight with your m16, or you can hop on your own snowmobile and escape. if you kill him, you can use his snowmobile, but you can't get anywhere with it. you need to head back to the hut but watch out on your way back. you cannot take the huge jump with the armed snowmobile and you cannot take the jump back near the stone wall, even with your original snowmobile. to get across, you need


you can just bulldoze your way through here, run to your hearts content, or just run through the shadows and stay unseen, your call. through the next door you'll find a save point, so save before heading up. around to the right, following the wire fence which you might have guessed, blocks off the inner ruins , and when you get to the row of columns, the door through is on the left hand side

lego indiana jones: the original adventures

warehouse = ===== overview: i'll be getting to this in a bit, but the way i see it, this is a place for you to create your own racetrack. there's also a stud limit, but all you really have to do is blast the target on the far right say, with a bazooka repeatedly and you'll have the total in no time. ***** 8. characters ***** there are a total of 85 characters to play as in this game: 23

animal crossing: happy home designer

day 1 - welcome to nook's homes. event summary: create your character; design lottie's house; upon starting your game you'll go through the basics of character creation and be introduced to the nook's homes team of employees: lyle bang , digby, and lottie.

paper mario: the thousand-year door

>>>>> the combat system <<<<< paper mario's combat system is turn-based, but it has a lot of real-time elements in the form of the action command, which lets you block or dodge enemy attacks or make your own attacks stronger. to block an attack, hit a right as it hits you to make it deal 1 less damage, more if you have a damage dodge badge. if you hit b with even better timing as you're stuck

far cry 4

before he moves off, toss a few stones to lure him your way and make him your second victim. the third combatant in the lower area hangs out on the west end. sneak west by moving in front of the structures, locate and silently drop him. you cant just satisfy the minimum mission requirement by releasing the two captives in the low area-the mission requires you to kill all five combatants

half-life 2 faq/walkthrough for pc by paraphrase

make your way through the room, watching for the soldiers on your left as you enter. go around the fence, and outside again, this time on the catwalk the soldiers were using just a moment ago. climb up the ladder, and have the shotgun ready. there will be a soldier to your left as you enter, and several more to your right. after you dispatch them, take the door to your right and climb up the

genji: days of the blade

now make your way back to the heart of the giant battleship however you choose i decided to drop down into the hole towards the cargo hold and make my way going this way, but do as you choose . ===== heart of the giant battleship ===== head into the main chamber and drop down to where the panels are. find the panel that you need to use the barrier diffuse iii on and watch the cutscene. now

littlebigplanet 2 walkthrough

dodge this beam and reprise with your own laser fire. after taking enough damage the boss will switch to two outer lasers. keep to the center and wait for the weak point to open again before

the sims

you can start you own neighbourhood, create your own family and create your own house. options ----- this allows you to configure the sims to your every desire. below is a list of what options does what: free will - choose whether your sims will do things on their own or whether you have to tell them everything they do. turn on or off. controller vibration - choose if you want your controller

the last guardian

your goal just needs to be to make it far enough that you don't get dropped right into the middle of all the suits of armor. dealing with two suits on your own was inadvisable. dealing with six is pretty much suicide.

half-life: opposing force

of course, some side areas that i recommend visiting may not be worthwhile for you, so you'll have to make your own decisions as you go. and quicksave often hopefully, i've written the walkthru so that anyone can use it to improve their gameplay experience. to write the first version of this walkthru, i played through the game in its original version and with the version


when ramirez is dead and you are instructed to make your way to the gate, the timer has ended and you can cool your heels for a while. if the timer reaches zero however, ramirez will call for back-up and deadlier sniper hunters will appear in the yard, making your escape even more unlikely. the exit point will appear as a blue dot on your radar. shoot anything that gets in your way and race

animal crossing

you can also make your own custom made level watch out for other motorcyclist, and objects while driving controls: a = drive b = boost control stick/d-pad = move tilt control stick = pop whellie start/y = pause clu clu land description: clu clu land was one of the favorite nes games back in the day. in clu clu land, you be this animal thing that tries to make a picture. to make a picture you

timesplitters 2 story guide for playstation 2 by

you can however use this guide to help you make your own as long as you do not copy any of the content of this guide. and lastly, this guide can only be posted on, and and no other sites. if you want to send me anything, then send it to palazzol and be sure to put 'ts2' or 'timesplitters 2' as the subject so that it

superion prime's profile

open concept: feel free to create a plutonian, a member of it's military, create locations for this planet, create fauna, create plant life, create locations, etc. i have a list of names for the