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ctu: marine sharpshooter

ctu: marine sharpshooter unofficial strategy guide and faq by kasey chang released june 6, 2004 0 introduction this section is for 'what the faq is about' and things

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with a chain of rope-bridges connecting the homes, this city is made of wood and board. with lanterns and torches lighting the pathways, the ape could walk and swim around the village with quick

crisis core: final fantasy vii

-the sp consumed in this chart is for each single hit, hitting multiple targets consumes multiple forms of sp. and here's our power chart for magic: you can't use magic if you use all 6 materia slots for sp turbo, therefore 6 x power is impossible . 1 0 x sp turbo = 0 sp 16.9% power *base at 255 mag* 2 1 x sp turbo = 122 sp 34.3% power 3 2 x sp turbo = 172 sp 53.1% power 4 3 x sp

shadow madness

upstairs ----- the angle is odd, but you are on a walkway on the first floor, going around the bottom courtyard. there are four doors including the one you just came through. go right into a room with lots of beds. at the end are two chests. in front of the right hand one is the skeleton key l3. the left chest is empty. you cannot rest or save your game, even though it appears that you might

mana khemia 2: fall of alchemy

return to the walkway via the first ladder not the one closest to the chest and take the other ladder down from the walkway. continue down the next ladder until you find a chest holding a <flonne's charm>. walk e allow this lowest level until you reach the chest at the other end containing a <drama prince>. go back up two levels to the main walkway you can use any of the ladders for this

duke nukem 3d

they are usually in the form of large orange canisters, fire extinguishers, or the archetypical dangerous barrel. 02-04-04 teleportation pads ----- these are square pads with a white beam in the middle that will transport you to another location on the map. you can shoot weapons with the projectile quality through the teleporters, as well as pipebombs. this can lead to some devious strategic

xenoblade chronicles 3d

you'll need some firepower in the form of summons and also her hypnotize spell. at any rate, walk down the hall and interact with the verification device to see a scene. afterward, head east down another hall, and then you'll reach a huge room with a platform in the middle. if you simply step on the symbol at the end of the door platform, it will light up a walkway to reach the center. the

assassin's creed iv: black flag

loot the key form his corpse. cross the street into the sugarcane crop on the other side and make your way up to the wall to the left of the stairs. climb to the top of this and hang from the ledge. wait for the guard above to stop above you and use a ledge assassination to put him out of business. climb over the wall and enter the stalking zone ahead. now use the bushes along the wall to the

dead space

move along the walkway to the north. the --action button training tutorial-- will appear as isaac walks to the door up ahead. basically, x or a will interact with a door and open it. a bluish-white glow will be displayed over a locked door while a red glow will be displayed over a locked door. some red doors can be unlocked with the proper item. as isaac meets up with the rest of his crew up

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pelican marine. pelican finally has pad and quill made a name for itself with its folio-style hand-carved wood cases, but now it's branching out into thin wood cases. using 'real hand finished

soldiers unwind on kandahar 'boardwalk'

t.g.i. friday's is the apex of war-zone escapism on kaf's famed boardwalk, a wild west-like quadrangle boasting three dozen glass-door shops and coffee bars that form a surreal counterpoint to the


the platform below you has a marine to the left of the doorway so use the gap between the rocket and the walkway to shoot him dead. once you go down the ladder and into the new tunnel collect some magnum bullets from the side room and use the h.e.v. unit behind it. its your decision now whether to use the train or not- you don't have to use it. if you want you can just walk along the sides